Gloria Lau
I am a landscape architect, urban designer, visual artist, and writer. This site is an evolving documentation of my growth. More about me

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Graphic Design

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Portfolio of my overall graphic design work Link

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Hindsight Conference
Branding, swag, and print materials for the annual conference. 

99 Cents & Up & Up Booklet   Link
A booklet that accompanies the exhibit which makes visible discount stores - a ubiquitous but oftentimes invisible part of New York City’s landscape - through their textures and products, and examines how we value, display, and see 99 cents objects. 

Industrial Chinatowns Zine Link
The project re-imagines the dominant narrative on Chinatowns as places of consumption, illuminating the “hidden” materials, labor, and economies that enable New York’s manufacturing and construction industries.

Creative Restoration Link
A zine to illustrate findings from engaging Bed-Stuy residents in collective public spaces centering on community creative practices through the Laundromat Project’s Create Change fellowship. 

Prefaces Link
Prefaces: A Guide for Planners of Color, a creative and practical guide that prepares young and underrepresented planners for their entry into the planning profession. 

Spatial Design

Learn more about my landscape architecture, urban design, and visual arts experience Link


My experience in resume format Link