Gloria Lau
I am a landscape architect, urban designer, visual artist, and writer. This site is an evolving documentation of my growth. More about me

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Very Brief History of [Objects]


I love seeing the world through seemingly normal objects in our lives and how they are interlinked with trade, colonization, and appropriation. I merge art and archival research to create something tangible that I can disseminate and share as an object. 


Originated in the continent of Asia and Africa, rice cultivars were introduced around the world through global trade, slavery, and immigrant labor. Now a widely consumed stple, small farmers are facing the necessity to mechanize their operation.


The process of making porcelain was first developed in China. The technique was poached by European missionaries and the spread of Chinese and Asian procelain pottery led to varoius levels of appropriation and consumption. Porcelain is now widely used from fine art to building and medical material.