Gloria Lau
I am a landscape architect, urban designer, visual artist, and writer. This site is an evolving documentation of my growth. More about me

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Together Resilient

with Digser Abreu, Rhonda-Lee Davis, Dorraine Duncan, Lydia Gaby, and Manuela Powidayko

Together Resilient is a women-led organizing effort to marshall creative community-centered financial, organizing, and design strategies to uplift and support those most at risk who are taking action to build resilience in their communities. Visit our proposal to explore our community resilience framework and the technical assistance we can provide to amplify community-led strategies. 

Urban Design Forum Forefront Fellowship We began this initiative under the Urban Design Forum’s Forefront Fellowship: Turning the Heat. The fellowship brought together a group of emerging leaders in urban design, development and policy to explore how urban practitioners can advance climate justice principles across New York City. Fellows also developed a set of recommendations addressing the threat of extreme heat through the built environment, published in the report - Turning the Heat: Resiliency in New York City’s Heat-Vulnerable Neighborhoods. Read the report here