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I am a landscape architect, urban designer, visual artist, and writer. This site is an evolving documentation of my growth. More about me

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Seeds and Memory

Seeds and Memory delves into food as a secret language of the Asian diaspora, a symbol of sisterhood, a source of community enrichment, and a counterforce to the undervaluation of culinary traditions, challenging food’s role in shaping racial and cultural hierarchies. 

with Louise Yeung

Exhibit and Artists’ Book:
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The group show brings together familial recipes, contributed by women and non-binary individuals, emphasizing the integral use of various types of seeds. These culinary narratives serve as a conduit for communication within their respective families and communities. 

Our contribution explores Cheung Fun, a common rice crepe dish shared in the Cantonese diaspora. For the artist’s book, our written story and drawings explore our family memories and the dish’s texture, color, and appeal to our senses. For the group exhibit, we created an interactive altar inviting strangers to exchange messages through prompts weaving shared experiences together.